Raw Talent

I can’t even fathom being able to go to the range with nearly zero practice and put up perfect scores in competition. Yet, apparently this chick can do that.

In the Dewar Course Metallic Sight match, she captured runner-up honors with a score of 400 (out of 400 possible) with 35 x-ring shots. She also took High Woman and High Collegiate honors in the match.

She then shot another 400 (with 29 x-ring shots) to win the High Expert Civilian Category in the 100-yard Metallic Sight Match. In the next match — the 50-meter Metallic Sight competition — she shot a 397 with 26 x-rings to take second in the Expert Civilian Category.

Her three-match 1,197 aggregate on the competition’s second day earned her top honors in the Expert Civilian Category, one point ahead of runner-up Ben Haney. Her four-day total was good for a second-place overall finish in the category.

The story includes more examples of Catherine Kauffelt’s ass-kicking range scores in other competitions. Then it notes that her coach thinks she could wipe out the competition if she only practiced. Unfortunately, as a pre-law/economics major, she doesn’t really have time to do it while she’s at school in California.

10 thoughts on “Raw Talent”

  1. Damn, that’s impressive!
    Any of you young gun nut guys out there looking for a girlfriend should probably avoid her, getting your ass whooped by your GF at the shooting range could be pretty embarrassing…….

  2. I wouldn’t find it embarrassing at all. My wife and I went through concealed weapon class together in California (required to get a carry permit there) and when we were done and well practiced, she was definitely a better shot.

    We went to visit some friends who were stationed at Fallon NAS. He was military police, and carrying a M1911A1 all day. He had a pretty traditional view of women, shall we say.

    We went out into the desert. I shot a pretty decent group at 10 meters; he shot a pretty decent group; my wife picked up our Government Model and shot one ragged hole at 10 meters. You could see his whole worldview collapsing around him.

  3. Not surprising with a female.

    Likely visual acuity better than 20/20, the high end of the eye-hand coorindation spectrum and better than average smarts.

    If she studied dance or takes yoga she has an understanding of how to control the involuntary body systems via the voluntary systems.

  4. Have any of you seen that (cheese-tastic) show Alphas?

    Yeah…like that.

  5. Wow! Zermoid, I think she’d make a great wife and mother – I mean, talk about home defense!!! I’d definitely feel confident leaving home on a trip knowing my property and loved ones were under her protection! God bless her!

  6. She just doesn’t know that she’s not supposed to be able to do that or that it’s supposed to be all stressful and hard – it’s probably relaxing for her…

  7. I used to help out a bit at a skeet range on weekends. One day we had a 17 year girl come out with some guy friends, she took a few pointers about how to hold the shotgun and how to shoot in front of the clay. Then she shott 23 out of 25 the first time she had ever shot a gun. It was one of the strangest things I ever saw in years of shooting.

  8. “Unfortunately, as a pre-law/economics major, she doesn’t really have time to do it while she’s at school in California.”

    She’s an “environmental economics” major. I’m not sure what that means but I don’t like it.

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