2 thoughts on “ATF Reassigned Mexican Attache”

  1. Newell could share a cell with Eric Holder. Mexico has every reason to try extraditing them both, except for the inevitable blackmail about losing U.S. aid that will probably deflect any attempt.

    As criminally stupid as Fast & Furious was, the government’s great work in arming the Sinaloan cartel has obscured the equally disturbing trend of other cartels, notably the Zetas, looting the military depots in Guatemala, Honduras & El Salvador. The weapons used by these militaries also come courtesy of Uncle Sam. As readers of this blog have pointed out, you (sadly) can’t buy grenades or RPGs, machine guns, C-4, APCs & other frequently used cartel armaments at gun shows, even in Arizona. But why bother buying them at all when you can drive up to a weapons depot in Guatemala with a gun in one hand and a bribe in the other and load your truck to the ceiling? Aside from the violence, why this matters is that we have an identical situation in Central America to the one in Afghanistan: the U.S. is arming its own enemies. The U.S. policy of approving military weapons sales to neighboring countries with no obvious controls on those weapons is arguably just as criminally stupid as the “plan” behind Fast & Furious, and probably has proven more dangerous.

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