2012: This Could Be Fun

If you’ve never volunteered for a campaign before, I strongly suggest 2012 as the year to start. Why?

Because when Rick Santorum is polling within 2 points of Barack in a state like Pennsylvania, you know that knocking on doors and making calls is going to result in awesome rants against the administration. If anything, you’ll be assured good laughs.

14 thoughts on “2012: This Could Be Fun”

  1. Thinking about it, I bet if someone ran against him from the left, their campaign volunteers would have awesome tales of angry liberals who are fed up.

  2. The sad part is when both parties are unhappy, they usually win reelection. Despite what people say, Barry has not lost the left.

  3. Barry isn’t worried. Now that the Black Panthers know that they are immune, Philadelphia will just override the rest of the State. “I said Vote Again, Lady, before I beat you with my Club!….” “But I’ve voted 14 times already!”…”Not enough, old Woman! You still want to get your Social Security Check, you get your butt back in there and pull that Lever!”

  4. Well, Rick Perry is within 6 points of ObamMAO before he even runs. Santorum won’t get nationwide traction. Perry will. I like Bachman a lot, but she will get slaughtered by the press. Perry will kick them in the ass with his pointy toed cowboy boots and the press will love it. I’ll support whomever the Republican party nominates. But I don’t think it will be Bachman or Santorum. And Romneycare doesn’t have enough of his own money to win it either.

  5. If you’re knocking on peoples’ doors talking politics…
    Go armed.
    You may run into some folk who don’t take kindly to folk who don’t take kindly…or something like that.

  6. I can’t wait for the election cycle to start in earnest! Obama and the socialist agenda is out and the pendulum swings back to conservative for 8 more years.
    Fiscal conservatives, with social awareness!

  7. “If you’re knocking on peoples’ doors talking politics…
    Go armed.
    You may run into some folk who don’t take kindly to folk who don’t take kindly…or something like that.”

    That won’t work out so well for you. What are you going to do, go to peoples homes and fight with the or shoot them if they as you to leave? You’re standing on their doorstep.

    1. I’m in no way endorsing a Santorum candidacy in this post. I’m pointing out that if even a guy like Santorum is polling so closely to Obama in a state that booted him out and isn’t exactly known for it social conservatism.

  8. The joke has always been the GOP needs to find Generic Republican to run on their ticket – because he’s the only one of the R’s who beats Obama. If Santorum in particular only loses to Obama by 2 points, what about someone who isn’t so infamous? It points out a thinning of the Emperor’s Clothes.

    (That having been said, Santorum is a PA pol, and has a certain amount of positive recognition he wouldn’t have elsewhere).

  9. Obama has shown he is a neutral mediator, not a leader. This would be fine if he were being called in to negotiate between a state agency and its union, but his job description calls for a little more than that. Whatever your feelings about the man’s policies (which are a mish-mash of confusion IMO), the left and right agree on one thing: he’s a push-over. It’s extremely doubtful he’d beat a primary challenge from somebody able to talk in terms of details and specific legislative or fiscal goals, let alone elucidate the reasons for them.

    That said, there are a number of GOP candidates who have a knack for gratuitously insulting liberals or even moderates or even those who, say, actually don’t want the Ten Commandments and arbitrary verses from Leviticus used to guide our nation’s policy any more than we embrace Das Kapital. Nominating one of them could give Obama a second term. Somebody like Bachmann, who has already supported “investigations” for “anti-American” beliefs among fellow congressmen, is the sort of nominee who would ensure the left turned out in droves and many in the middle joined them, as was the case with Sarah “Real Americans” Palin.

    Ian Argent called it right. The GOP path to victory in 2012 is pretty clear: elect a generic Republican; don’t elect a nut, a religious fanatic, or a hard-core cultural warrior. DO elect somebody with a proven track record of leadership and in making specific proposals to well-described problems: Romney, Huntsman, Johnson and even Ron Paul fit that bill. Santorum, Palin, & Bachmann most definitely do not. As for Pawlenty, he’s just a Republican Obama: a lamb in sheep’s clothing. He has no spine when he has to go face-to-face with an opponent and no longer even belongs in the debates, IMHO.

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