Promotions for Fast and Furious Personnel

Dave Hardy is reporting that ATF would appear to be handing out promotions for those involved in Fast and Furious. This is bad news for the whistleblowers, since Dave points out, “One of the men directly culpable for this project is now in a position to slit their throats (a la OPR). They seem to be telling their agents to be very careful what they say, and to whom.”

2 thoughts on “Promotions for Fast and Furious Personnel”

  1. Sounds like McMahon’s payoff for not fingering Holder.

    One more good reason to disband ATF permanently. As long as we’re looking for low-hanging fruit to help balance the budget, axing ATF is a good place to start.

  2. They’re being bought off. Paid off to keep quiet with our tax dollars. The loyalists get promotions; the rebels get fired.

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