3 thoughts on “Fast & Furious and the Arms Export Control Act”

  1. In a sane and just world, both Holder and Obama should face the consequences for this, but I doubt that they ever will. If Holder or even Obama were to face an impeachment trial in the US Senate over their complicity in the Fast & Furious scandal, the Democrats would all vote to acquit either one of them no matter what the evidence presented was.

  2. We need a special prosecutor now. Not tomorrow and not next week but TODAY!!

  3. I’m still amazed at how this is being ignored by the press. I doubt 1 in 100 people even knows about it. I doubt a special prosecutor will ever be appointed again after the experience with White Water, but it looks like Issa & Grassley may make one unnecessary. I certainly hope so. Having someone as ethnically challenged as Eric Holder running our justice department is very bad news for the country.

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