Free Ice Cream Machine

Running a little thin today, I know. Today was the day for more than a few job leads to come in. Some of them I would consider taking, some of them, eh, maybe if I get desperate. Chief on my mind now is whether my sanity can survive a daily commute into Manhattan every day, as I have a few potential prospects there. On the bright side, 3 hours a day on a train provides a lot of blogging time if I get the right equipment. On the down side, 3 hours a day on a train.

The one lead I mentioned previously has progressed on an on-site interview. I should be coming with references from several of the researchers I’ve worked with over the years and a recommendation from the CEO. I am optimistic. In the mean time, I’m still developing possibilities.

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  1. 3 hours on a train per day? What does that cost? $25-50 bux a day? I hope that makes you one of the riche. We need the tax money. Have you considered a job in Texas, you know, the semi-free state? No income tax. No snow in the southern 1/2. Yah, it’s hot, but that’s why allah gave us air conditioning. Lots of big Pharma down here.

  2. Salaries in Manhattan are a good bit higher than here. In some cases enough to make up commuting costs, having to pay New York State’s fuck me in the ass tax rates, and being on a train 3 hours a day. But we’ll see.

  3. Man, to voluntarily go into the bowels of hell on a daily basis, they’d better be paying you in gold bricks. Large and in quantity.

  4. I’m in a similar situation although I have a (shitty) job already. At least you don’t have to move wholesale. NYC is still technically driving distance.

    It’s looking like my best job prospects may involve moving back to CA. After 10 years of living in FL. During which time I have accumulated a large number of non CARB modifications to my car and nearly a dozen weapons that are illegal in CA. And several dozen magazines. And… ugh. Don’t get me started.

    I feel like god is trying to turn my life into a series of contrived ethics scenarios.

  5. Blogging while standing up on one of those commuter trains, that ought to be interesting. Getting reserved seats, Accella or not, is far pricier than what a lot of the commuters do. While I have never done that for a living, I have accidentally gotten on to the Amtrak trains both into and out of Philly used by the commuters: STANDING ROOM ONLY.

    That said, you could commute to DC on the train too.

  6. Very few people stick with the Philly to NYC commute for the long haul, at least at 4 or 5 days a week. There are a few hardcores on the early AM Amtrak out of 30th street every day, but the SEPTA/PATH ranks don’t have much longevity.

    That said, it’s not that bad for a year or so, and pretty tolerable if you can manage a setup with 2 or 3 days in NYC w/telecommute after a little while.

  7. I’d be commuting from Trenton. I’m north of the city. About 1.5 hours outside of New York.

    To get into Philly, I have a 15 minute walk, and an hour train ride. To get into Manhattan I have a 15 minute drive, and a 1.5 hour train ride.

  8. “having to pay New York State’s f*** me in the a** tax rates”

    While the pay may be great, keep in mind that “Going Galt” ought to be a major consideration too: you should weigh the pay you receive against the taxes that will be pulled out of your a** to pay for freedom-crushing policies.

    I wouldn’t blatantly say “Don’t work in NYC!!!”, because sometimes it’s worth losing a little bit of freedom, to gain much more in the end. If I had the opportunity to make a lot of money for a couple of years–enough to pay off my debts and buy a house–then I’d jump at it, taxes and all, so that I could be in a position where I can make a bit less money, and have the free time to pursue research.

  9. I wouldn’t put up with the commute to Manhattan for 10 grand extra in my pocket a year. I might put up with it for 20.

  10. A close friend of mine did that commute for years, bucks co to hamilton train station to nyc wtc path. Next town north of you, I believe.

  11. On the expresses from Trenton, you’ll always be sitting. It only gets crowded at the third stop (Princeton Junction.) And in the evening, you have a decent chance to always be sitting, especially if you go to the front of the train.

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