Another Low Ice Cream Day

Sorry about the light posting today. It’s been an up and down day, and being mentally drained from the roller coaster ride, I just didn’t have the energy to pour some more batter in the free ice cream machine.

I had one solid lead evaporate this morning (or perhaps a solid lead should more accurately sublimate?). I had another develop, then evaporate, then turn into a weak lead. Then I heard back from dream job number two, and they want a phone interview. I hadn’t heard from them so figured they weren’t interested. Guess not! I’ve managed to get some call backs from some very prestigious places, so I’m pleased with that, but until there’s cash on the table, I’m not going to relax.

The first two weeks of unemployment weren’t too bad. The last two have been difficult. Money is not an issue, as I’ve projected that my severance easily gets me into next year at my current burn rate, which still has me paying the mortgage, other bills, and eating better than soup and ramen. I do miss going out to eat, which we did at least once a week when until in May I found out the company was closing, but that sacrifice hasn’t been nearly as bad as I would have expected. We like to cook, and now we have time.  I’m more worried about the stigma of being out of work for a long time. I’m approaching the end of the fourth week since we shut down, and while I’ve had plenty of hits, and a few leads, it’s just taking a while to progress them.

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  1. Hey dude, sorry about your situation. Perhaps a little “outside the box” solution might present itself. I know it’s a bummer to move, etc., but have you looked in Texas? You have a background in computers and pharma, right? Well, here in Austin there are boo coo jobs and startups left and right. No income tax, property taxes are a bummer but houses are pretty cheap and traffic is muy malo if you have to commute, but you don’t have to. Anyway, just sayin’.

  2. Several of us were swapping interview/job search stories today, and it is common to go weeks between contacts with the potential employer, even when they want to move forward with you. The larger the company, the longer it takes to dot the I’s and cross the T’s.

    Hang in there. You’ll come out all right.

  3. Can’t take it too seriously dude. You’re gonna stress yourself out. Take a break from the job search, work on some home improvement/repairs, or another project you’ve been putting off.

    Get out there and talk to people. Who knows, maybe you’ll get to know someone with an in at a job someplace.

    I hate to say it: resumes and cover letters don’t cut it anymore… a lot of jobs aren’t even posted publicly or even easy to find. And those that are get flooded with applicants. I had that problem in 2008 before the economy tanked. Today… *shudders* I just hope the debt ceiling passes so I get paid next period.

  4. richard:

    Thank you. I am humbled. This is one of those things I am reluctant to ask that kind of help for. I am still doing fine, and there are many more far worse off than me. I feel my struggles are still worldly, in that regard. Pray whatever talents I have been lent will find ideal use, but that’s as about far as I want to go right now.

  5. Good luck finding something, it’s brutal finding anything decent in this state, unless you can work a gas rig…and I know I couldn’t cut it in that field.

  6. If you take contract work, you’re considered self employed. That will end your unemployment. Contract work is only something you want to do if you have no other options.

  7. The company I work for now had one of the fastest interview processes I can remember (in my 14 months of unemployment). From initial contact to offer was a full 6 weeks (it took a month to get to the point where I actually met someone face to face instead of email and phone), and that was after they had initiated contact with me not the other way around. Things are slow as molasses out there, but you have to just keep pounding the pavement and staying positive.

    I’ve been with the company for more than 3 months now, and I’m still getting email updates about jobs I applied to elsewhere back before April, telling me than I am no longer being considered or that the position has been filled. Even when they want to move fast, it just isn’t happening.

  8. Good luck – my last unemployment spell drove me nuts.

    Then I landed a job and wondered why I didn’t spend more time on the beach, at the range, in the mountains, etc…. while I had the chance.

  9. Be thankful you are not an amputee..After I lost my leg to injury (non-vet) it took me 4 years to find part time employment. Am now pursing a career in insurance, because one person was finally giving me a chance. W/o a leg, people think it is contatious..Best of luck!

  10. Hang in there, I would suggest looking for work in Teh Gun Induistryz but it’s like Theater and has a self-selecting mob of singing-and-dancing (badly) gun-martyrs lining up to be paid peanuts just to rub chorus-line shoulders with weapons…

  11. Hey, thought for ya, judging by this blog you have some writing skills, ever consider writing for one (or several) of the gun mags out there?

    Even if they only buy a story once in a while it’s some income to hold you over. Only drawback might be considered ‘self-employed’ and kill your unemployment.

    Sux how the Govt screws you at every turn……

  12. Oh, and don’t forget temp agency’s, my kids have used Addeco (sp?) with good results, it isn’t steady but it might get your foot in the door of someplace you could get a permanent job at.

  13. The only good news is that since you don’t have a current job, working through a contract house like Addeco isn’t any worse than being out of work. I receive at least two or three queries about contract work every week, most of them here in Boise. I have a full-time low-paying job, so I don’t need them. But remember that contract for six months even away from home might be better than not working at all.

  14. Way back when I was looking for a job I signed up with several headhunters. They never did get me a job. It did lead me to contacts. Now remember this was 30 years ago. I have been completely retired since the end of the last millennium. My information could be way out of date.

  15. What kind of IT do you do? Sysadmin? Web design stuff? Send me an email, and I can point you to a good place to put your resume and do some job hunting.

  16. Best of luck on the job front! Also, would you be interested in talking with me about a website my partner and I are building to help voters get involved in politics on an issue-by-issue basis? I’d love to hear your thoughts, given all the work you’re doing to promote gun rights with Internet technology. We’re located down in Philly, and I’d be happy to drive up your way. Please send me an email if you’re interested.

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