The Veneer Gets Thinner

I think our opponents are going to have a more and more difficult time making excuses for federal law enforcement when it comes to the handling of Fast and Furious:

In the controversial Fast & Furious program, the FBI trafficked assault weapons across the Mexican border in order to try to locate criminals. But many of the guns have since shown up at crime scenes in the US, and one theory investigators are exploring is that the ATF agents were unknowingly selling weapons to straw purchasers created by the FBI using informants and maybe even taxpayer money.

So it would seem to me the proper response to this whole Mexican canard is for the US government to stop aiding and abetting the smuggling of weapons into Mexico. No law new law is going to be as effective as this eminently reasonable measure.

6 thoughts on “The Veneer Gets Thinner”

  1. So what you are saying is the ATF was selling guns in order to discover the pipeline to mexico but they were really selling guns to FBI paid informants who were then selling those guns on the streets in the US.

    If it wasn’t so absurd and deadly, it would be comical.

  2. @terraformer

    Took the words out of my mouth, this farce is getting more ridiculous by the day.

  3. You know, if you made something like this up nobody would believe it. As it is, almost nobody is reporting it…and none of them are asking the obvious question on who in the hell (1) came up with the plan and (2) approved it.

  4. Note that the Head of Scotland Yard just resigned even though he was not personally implicated in any of the recent private sector Murdoch goings-on but rather because, in his own words, he should have known what was going on with his subordinates and their involvement and the public perception of the integrity of the department demanded it.

    Ball’s in your court Holder, show some class.

  5. @Mattthew Carberry, sorry, I think we can safely say that AG Holder has no class or tact and will only leave his office when shackles are applied and he is dragged out by the police.

    The KSM trial attempt in New York City shows that he simply does his master’s bidding. He’s incompetant and un-American.

  6. When is Holder going to prison? He can fight all the wrongful death suits with his own money and lawyers from his cell in a federal prison.

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