Threats to Local Public Officials

One thing I learned, from my parents being relatively active in the town I grew up in, is that state and local politicians, and particularly town or borough council meetings, are like flypaper for the mentally unstable. It’s unfortunate that one of our local reps is finding himself in this situation. I first noticed this article at MSNBC yesterday, which spoke of the guy’s demands:

“I want my name cleared,” he said. “ Mario Andretti and A.J. Foyt (famous race car drivers) can vouch for me. I may run for president,” said a rambling Buehl.

This looks to me like yet another failure of our mental health system. This guy should probably be in a mental hospital, or, at least monitored to ensure he’s taking his prescribed medication.

2 thoughts on “Threats to Local Public Officials”

  1. As a missionary in England, I noticed that religions can also act as fly-paper for the mentally unstable. On the other hand, it irked me when, the other day, I read a comment that basically said “Ha! You never see whack jobs in science!” That person was completely unaware of the many cranks that try to depose centuries of both science and mathematics with crackpot ideas they came up with.

    So that gives us three types of fly-paper: political offices, religious congregations, and professor offices!

    I wonder what, if anything, this means….

  2. I used to work at a local newspaper and we had are share of the nuts visit from time-to-time. One fellow, whenever he was let out of the Federal pen, would come into share volumes of letters he had written about our corrupt mayor while locked up 160 miles away. One day, while we were patiently listening to something about Spanky from the Little Rascals being a spy for the mayor, a spider crawled out from his hat and down his face. Without missing a beat, he lifted his hat and scooped the spider back underneath like he was just straightening his hat hair. Our office moved soon after and we never saw him again.

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