We’re Back!

Winter camping in Luzerne & Sullivan County, up in northern Pennsylvania, went well.  Didn’t freeze to death, despite temperatures in the teens.  Overheard at the small roadside restaurant we stopped at this morning: two guys were talking about guns and hunting, with another couple at the table next to us talking about how much Hillary Clinton sucks.  One town had a sign up as you entered town announcing the local sportsman’s club clay shoot the following week.  Yep, we’re not in Philly anymore Toto, and it’s nice.

One Response to “We’re Back!”

  1. countertop says:

    I love winter camping. Probably gonna be another year or so till I’ll be able to take the oldest with me (and by that I mean, till my wife lets me go again – though I do go camping opening weekend of deer season and it gets mighty friggen cold then)