NRA Doesn’t Do Squat for _____________

I actually haven’t heard people say it about this state, but because I know there are so many NRA program supporters out in Arizona, I’ll highlight what NRA has been doing for them lately.

In 2010, the NRA Civil RIghts Defense Fund provided assistance in three cases. Two of them were in regards to personal situations with firearms and the third involved a shooting range.

The year also saw more than $314,000 in grants flow through the state courtesy of The NRA Foundation and the generous attendees of Friends of NRA banquets. (See how many are left? Go to one and the join your fellow Arizona gun nuts for some NRA sandwiches when you win the NRA toaster.) Back to the money. That cash went to 35 organizations that support shooters around the state.

4 thoughts on “NRA Doesn’t Do Squat for _____________”

  1. I’m not quite sure what the end goal of these posts could be. Is it to shame people in joining the NRA, donating money, or what?

    I read the first two, this one I skipped as will I skip all future shaming posts.

  2. You’re welcome to skip them if you’re not interested. And it’s not about shaming, but informing.

    I’ve been involved in this issue for a decade and just get tired of people who bitch without actually bothering to do any research. Hell, look at the number of people who have bitched in these posts about legislative and political issues without knowing enough to understand that those are completely different divisions. And I can’t even begin to count how many combined posts we have on the topic of understanding not just how NRA is divided up, but how many organizations are divided up for both tax & political activity purposes.

    Actually, with today’s planned state, California, I’m going to highlight how some people feel that they don’t do nearly enough on the litigation level, and they would feel justified by that based on the 2010 activity in the CRDF report. Of course, the smarter folks who were interested in actually doing something instead of just bitching started their own group to focus on those efforts that has won a lot of respect in the gun community. I think that’s a good thing, so it’s not just being rah-rah NRA either.

    Most people don’t actually pay attention to who is picking up the tab for the things around them. Even though I had an idea of all the kinds of projects that NRA was funding, I didn’t even realize the scope until I started seeing the sheer volume of grants and the sizes of those grants. I know I’m not the only person who finds it interesting and appreciates the report back to members and donors with what the association is doing to assist the community.

    If it was all about shaming into becoming donors, then I would just be linking the donate pages. The reason that any fundraising-type link is included is because the Friends dinners are the events that happen to raise funds, but they are more important in laying foundations for a healthy gun community. Those are the events that are social, remind people that there are other pro-gun people in the area, they are fun, attendees are likely to get something in return for their donations, and they ultimately provide funding for area clubs & programs that support shooters both new & experienced. Those are things that I think are truly important in winning the battle.

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