Remington to Acquire Marlin

Interesting news:

Tommy Millner Remington’s CEO, said, “I am pleased to announce that Marlin’s well known brands with a long heritage of providing quality rifles and shotguns to hunters and shooters around the world will join the Remington family. The opportunity to combine two historic U.S. based companies with such storied and proud histories, is both challenging and exhilarating.”

“We look forward to working with Bob Behn, a well respected member of our industry. He will remain as president of Marlin, charting a course of further growth and operational improvement,” Mr. Millner continued.

It doesn’t seem to be a good time to be a Connecticut arms manufacturer.  Ruger hasn’t been doing as well either, and we all know what happened to Winchester.

4 thoughts on “Remington to Acquire Marlin”

  1. What do you mean, “What happened to winchester”?

    Their rifles weren’t selling, so the FN group shut down the gun factories and increased their ammo manufacturing capacities.
    Recently, they even reeled in a $50+ million contract to produce the FBI’s ammo.

  2. So now Remington, Marlin, Bushmaster, and DPMS will be owned by Cerberus Capital, which also owns (among many others things):

    Chrysler Motors, Mervyn’s Department Stores, National and Alamo Car Rental, and Air Canada.

    From Wikipedia:

    The company has been a voracious acquirer of businesses over the past several years and now includes sizable investments in sportswear, paper products, military services, real estate, energy, retail, glassmaking, transportation, and building products. Its holdings amounted to $24 billion in 2006. While many of its peers have bought out companies in order to strip assets and sell on for a profit, Cerberus builds its reputation on identifying firms that are undervalued, and assisting in rejuvenating them by working with current management.

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