Castle Doctrine: Senate This Time?

Senator Alloway has introduced the Castle Doctrine once again. Since the Senate is where it ran into trouble last session, it makes sense to start out there, though I’d be surprised it there won’t be a concurrent effort in the House. Hopefully with Corbett behind the effort, we won’t run into as many snags, and this can get passed quickly.

3 thoughts on “Castle Doctrine: Senate This Time?”

  1. Rich is the man, he’s been telling me for years that he was gonna get this passed, and he’s really sticking with it. We were so close last year, I’m hoping this will be the year!

  2. Looking forward to seeing some real leadership in Harrisburg. Our reps need to “represent” us and our needs and making the Castle Doctrine law would go a long way to build confidence. Also, I am interested in how Gov. Corbett will handle this bill.

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