12 thoughts on “Robb Has it Right”

  1. The problem is that gun control advocates have talked themselves into believing that the big problem with guns isn’t career criminals, or the mentally ill, but ordinary, law-abiding people. For them, the gun control equivalent of that security gate is quite adequate, because it will discourage the vast majority from owning a gun, and make everyone safer!

  2. As I said over there (and related to what David said) –

    While gun control laws can’t work like that, both the cute little fence and the lock on the screen door do have a use – to prove that you knew you were being naughty.

    Sure, the fence won’t stop a trespasser – but it’ll prove to the judge that he had to have known he wasn’t supposed to be there.

  3. Gun control (as an example of X control) is predicated on the assumption that without strict governmental control, the majority of people are dangerous to themselves and others. Hence the need to control the law abiding

  4. @Ian
    Also, that nobody in the government fits that description, so everything politicians do is well-intentioned and moral. They’re the loving mothers we all need to keep us safe in this mad, mad world!

  5. Ah, I should have put in a bit of test text in the last message. I don’t know why this is bothering me, either…perhaps it’s just the same problem as having an open-parenthesis without a closed one! :-)

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