21 thoughts on “Castle Doctrine Heads to Governor’s Office”

  1. Finally took you guys a long time to get that done. We just got parking lot carry signed in Texas last week. (It will take effect Sept 1st). They also extended to boats the castle doctrine so you don’t need a CHL to carry your pistol in your boat.

  2. Congrats to PA gun owners!

    Good to see us advancing on all fronts still.

    Even though the opposition says our numbers are dwindling and the NRA has bogus membership numbers…

    Let them keep thinking it. We’ll just keep getting the legislative and judicial results we want. ;)

  3. Wow, so sorry that we didn’t fit your timeline for action. We passed it last session, but the clock ran out on overturning a veto – not the world’s easiest feat with squishy Republicans and a Democratically-controlled House with some members willing to back their Governor’s veto.

    Considering we have a pledge from the Governor to sign it, I’d say that getting it done in the first 6 months of a session – while competing with attention on a massively stripped budget and huge debates on whether or not to start taxing our new energy industries – wasn’t too bad for timing.

  4. Roll call is up:

    No votes were:

    1. Yeah, sorry I didn’t list the names when I updated that they were all Philly. At that point, I just assume it’s a given as to the usual suspects. :)

  5. Brag when you Texans can go out with your spouses and have a nice beer or shot of J.D. and not be unarmed.

    Slamming shots and CCW really go well together, really shows you’re a responsible gun carrying adult.

  6. David, a beer or a shot of JD while armed is hardly getting drunk and shooting up the place, which is already a rarity.

    One of the key parts of the American concept of liberty that has been lost along the way to our current path to the would be nanny state is that of personal responsibility. Some folks lose their heads just opening a wine cooler and letting the effervescence tickle their nose, and others can handle their liquor. While anyone with any substantial experience with alcohol knows that it impairs judgment, no one should be penalized proactively.

    I have no problem with anyone that wants to encourage people to disarm when imbibing, but there is no valid reason to mandate it, or to make exaggerated and disparaging remarks about those that don’t subscribe to that overbearing viewpoint.

    Jeffery, brag when you can walk down the street with your firearm on your hip without a cover garment. ;-)

    Congratulations to everyone in PA who worked to make this Castle Doctrine happen. I really appreciate it.

  7. LinkP:

    You should read what was written and not what you wanted to be written. That wild tangent was based on nothing written by me.

  8. David, your comment to which I replied sure looks like sarcastic conflation to me, even after a re-read. If it wasn’t intended to be, feel free to clarify.

  9. @Jeffrey H: at least Pennsylvania got it done. Here in Utah, we were supposed to get Constitutional Carry this session, but it got lost in controversies over illegal immigration laws and transparency laws!

  10. I think it would be better said that At least in PA, unlike Texas, you do not need to worry when the wind or otherwise moves your cover garment and exposes your firearm for all to see.

    Pennsylvanians need not be ashamed of their liberty (at least in that manner) ;)

  11. @Bryan, Or we could just say that we’ve got a ways to go in nearly every state to get to Constitutional carry, and support each others efforts and success instead of trying to poo poo the deficiencies we still have to correct.

    Just a thought.

  12. Here you go Link

    Slamming shots and CCW really go well together, really shows you’re a responsible gun carrying adult.

    Slamming shots and driving really go well together, really shows you’re a responsible car driving adult.

    Slamming shots and power tools really go well together, really shows you’re a responsible tool owning adult.

    People who drink beverages that cloud their thoughts and judgement are not making the best decision to combine alcohol with tools or situations that require clear, quick, and rational judgement. I love the statements, “I’m just buzzed”, “I’m not that drunk”, “I only had a few”. These statements are usually made when someone who drank too much did something that their sober self would not have done.

    I’d love to hear how combining alcohol and guns is a wise decision. I like to know how alcohol added to any situation is going to bring a new level of clarity, or rational though to the situation.

  13. Thank you for clarifying that you are indeed deliberately conflating having a drink with imbibing to the point of intoxication, exactly as I suggested, thereby validating my entire point.

    I’m glad you weren’t on the Gerald Ung jury.

  14. Ung made some mistakes. But the thugs that attacked him made a mistake they probably will not make again. Nothing good happens on a street at 2:30am. The best way to stay out of bad situations is to avoid them. Best advice I ever got while traveling.

    If you see a bunch of drunk guys walking towards you, cross the street. This held so true in London.

  15. David, your whole “cross the street” argument is starting to sound like that put forth by the A.D.A. in Ung’s case; looking at the video of that encounter I sure didn’t see an opportunity for his party to cross the street and walk away so easy.

    Some people work late, I for one have been at a job monitoring intoxicated college students that ended at 3am. Sometimes good things happen at those times in the early morning, sometimes bad things do, sometime good things happen just after noon, sometimes bad things do; do you have a magical crystal ball to tell you when everything is going to go wrong?

  16. I have plenty of memories of good times from 02:30+ myself, but feel free to keep scaring the “decent folk” with that judgmental lie if that’s what it takes to let you sleep soundly at night. Those of us who find ourselves engaged in lawful behavior, after you deem that our carriage should become a pumpkin, won’t call you out too much for your bigotry until you attempt to forcibly disarm us, We are not the nocturnal criminal populace you are falsely attempting to force us into, for merely having the audacity to be out of our homes outside of your your approved timetable for upright citizens, nor will we stand idly by and allow your defective accusation to pass without challenge.

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