New Living Room Set, Among Other Things

So the auction for my company’s assets is just about over, as we speak, and it turns out I’m walking away with a couple of thousand dollar living room set for about 450 bucks. Two years ago our company spent a little bit of money to set up an employee lounge, so we’d have a place to relax and spend some quiet time during the day. Turns out it made a much better area for all hands meetings and various other company presentations. The sofa sets were barely used, were leather, and will look great in whatever I end up turning my den into eventually.

More importantly, my long month nightmare of preparing our entire technological infrastructure: sorting, cataloging and archiving data, shutting things down in an orderly manner, and finally making sure not a hard drive leaves the place that wasn’t either physically annihilated (total around 250 so far) or electronically shredded (total maybe 50), is almost at an end. I should soon have more time for blogging, and more importantly, thinking about what comes next. I appreciate everyone’s patience through what are and may continue to be difficult times for me. I am still on the payroll until the end of the month, but hopefully the rest of the ride down on the bomb has a certain inevitability to it, and won’t be as draining. In a few days I will celebrate my tenth year with this company. I am one of the few remaining of the early employees, having survived four different CEOs, just as many directors.