Castle Doctrine Passes Senate

We’re clear of one house of the General Assembly. The vote was 43 to 4. The only four Senators to vote against were Farnese, Hughes, Kitchen and Tartaglione. Even Leach was a yes, if you can believe that. Now we just need to clear the House.

3 Responses to “Castle Doctrine Passes Senate”

  1. Dannytheman says:

    Can I get an AMEN, Brother and Sisters!?!

    And based on the House Cosponsor list, we might be looking good in less than 2 weeks!

    Hello Spring. Free at last, free at last, my hope is Gerry Ung is free at last!

  2. Adam Z says:

    WOOO FRICKING HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright!

    I guess elections do have consquences, huh?

  3. GunKing1 says:

    Great News!