More Full Auto Fun Coming

I’ve barely had a chance to edit my videos. The major part of my liquidating work is nearly done, but it’ll be hellish until it is. I’m technically on payroll until the end of the month when I cash out with severance, but for June I probably won’t have as much to do, and given that we’re already pushing our landlord’s patience on our lease, which officially ended yesterday, that’s looking more certain.

In the mean time, Lucky Gunner is publishing the stats from this weekend, along with a bunch of pictures, including one of me on the M16 with some brass in the air. I guess if you’re going to host gun bloggers, the lesson is to bring enough ammo and BBQ.

One Response to “More Full Auto Fun Coming”

  1. Rob Reed says:

    It was great meeting and talking with you at the shoot.

    I finally have my report up with some pics and a compiliation video. If you follow the link back to my YouTube page you’ll also find some full length videos. I’m adding more as I edit them.

    I’ll have some more articles up soon as well.