Lucky Gunner Shoot – Videos

The hotel WiFi here is pretty slow, so video is difficult. I am happy to be able to present my shit eating grin moment of the day. Unless tomorrow is remarkably more awesome, this is probably my treat for the weekend, and the reason it was worth it to get down here. These gentlemen you see in confederate uniforms here quite clearly take great pride and joy in their hobby, and it shows. I am very happy they let this Yankee fire part of their Reb artillery battery. This video does not really do the sound these cannon make justice. You can be on the far side of the range and feel it pound against your chest when it fires. It’ll set off car alarms.

In this video you can see them explain to me how to fire the cannon, and what sequence they will go through. You can see them load the live ammunition, aim the cannon, insert the fuse, and eventually I walk into the shot and fire the sucker. As Tam pointed out, it’s a lot different than what you see the park, where they are just firing blank. The cannons in this battery recoil quite a bit when fired with live ammo.

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