Screwed Again

I take the Pennsylvania Turnpike to work and back every day.  Tomorrow, I will begin paying the Ed Rendell Approved higher rate for turnpike tolls so Philadelphia can continue to grossly mismanage its public transit system.  Previously, I paid $1.25 each way, which comes out to $2.50 a day, or 625 dollars a year.  Now I will be paying $1.56 each way, or $3.12 a day, which comes out to $780 dollars a year.  That doesn’t cover non-communiting use of the Turnpike system either.

Thanks Ed Rendell, I really appreciate the $155 dollar a year tax increase.  Meanwhile, people who don’t have to drive on the Turkpike, get to drive on roads my income and sales tax dollars pay for.

4 thoughts on “Screwed Again”

  1. I never did understand why a state needs a toll road, when sales tax,gas tax,and even property tax are suppose to fund highway projects, and that is before the feds put their share in.

    Thus why I avoid them when possible, which in Georgia is easy, we only have one on GA-400 heading toward Atlanta.

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