Fun Facts About Me

I was reminded of something peculiar about myself when I was riding into work today.   When I see a dead animal, in this case a raccoon tits up on the side of the road, with it’s little raccoon feet sticking up into the air, I think it’s really funny and can’t help but giggling.

I guess I should feel guilty about this, but let’s face it, if you were in the same situation, and a raccoon could laugh at you, it would.  It’s unfortunate that animals have to die for my amusement, but I figure all the people who think that’s a sad spectacle kind of balances it all out.

6 thoughts on “Fun Facts About Me”

  1. I make blog posts about shooting cats with civil war artillery. I think you’re in pretty good company here.

  2. If a raccoon saw you dead on the side of the road, the little bastard would probably try to eat you. (I have NO use for the obnoxious little vermin)

  3. I think the animals want to die. A few weeks back I saw a groundhog on the shoulder-line of the highway, fully alive and sunning itself, oblivious of the danger.

    I think it was destined to be hit by a truck.

  4. We once passed a dead armadillo on the shoulder of the road and I couldn’t help but notice that all four feet were on the same exact plane. I remarked to my wife that we could put a plate of glass on them and have a unique coffee table.

    She has looked at me strangely ever since, but she laughed her ass off in the moment.

  5. Raccoon? Fire at will! Them bastards wear masks for a reason, and it ain’t good.

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