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  1. This video exemplifies the old adage about how elections have consequences. What I mean by that is the following: This is the type of “change” Americans got by voting Barry Barack Obama-Soetoro into the White House back in 2008. Eric Holder, along with so many other Obama regime officials, is nothing but a totally disingenuous left-winger who plays fast and loose with the truth, which in essence makes him the equivalent of who Barry Barack Obama-Soetoro really is himself.

    Although they have never admitted it, and never will, since they know full well that such an admission would cost them political support and votes at election time, the Obama regime hates and loathes the Second Amendment and Americans being able to own firearms, particularly semi-automatic rifles which use detachable high capacity magazines. (These rifles are what the libtards have demonizing as “assault weapons” for over 20 years already.) Such rifles would give Americans a significant tactical advantage if there were ever a need for an armed insurrection and a resistance against oppressive tyranny from their own government, or perhaps even a nascent “one world” government. What has largely stymied the Obama regime in a legal sense with their anti-gun agenda have been recent pro-gun laws passed in many states, along with the Heller and McDonald decisions at the US Supreme Court.

    This is why the Obama regime has seized upon the “Mexican drug cartel” factor as an underhanded and downright sneaky way to achieve their anti-gun agenda. First, their willing comrades in the libtard media started putting out the propaganda over two years ago that close to every last one of the Mexican drug cartel’s guns and ammunition (The figure of 90% was often touted by these folks.) were sold by the FFL’s in the border states of New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas to lackeys of the Mexican drug cartels. When many Americans reacted to this blatant libtard media propaganda as being gross insults to their intelligence, the Obama regime then decided to kick things up a notch by what I strongly suspect has been a massive covert operation to enable and facilitate the transfers of guns across the Mexican border, particularly the so-called “assault weapons” such as the AR and AK type rifles – hence the “Fast and Furious” debacle, which we have been only hearing about recently since the start of 2011.

    So, this brings us to the “scheme” which Cam Edwards asked about on his show at the 9:34 mark on the video above. To me, the “scheme” can be illustrated as follows:

    Libtard media/Obama regime: “You know, all that bloodshed down in Mexico is only happening because over 90% of the guns being used to kill people are coming from licensed gun shops in America.”

    American gun-owning public: “Oh really? You must think we are stupid enough to actually believe that, so we just don’t believe you. Where’s your proof? Besides, what about all that military grade firepower that’s still being passed around in Central America and South America by Marxist guerrilla groups and narco-terrorists? Surely some of that military grade firepower has been smuggled into Mexico, right along with all the illegal drugs too, right?”

    Libtard media/Obama regime: “Uh, uh, just believe us. Let’s be clear now – the Mexican government told us some things about all these guns from America being smuggled into Mexico, and you can always believe whatever the Mexican government says, right? Now, let’s even invite the president of Mexico up to Washington DC to say this stuff in front of the US Congress about all those awful guns from America coming across his northern border. That will show you!”

    American gun-owning public: “Oh, please – you people still must think that we are all so stupid enough to believe all this propaganda. Your dog-and-pony show is so laughable. We are just not buying any of this.”

    (Operation “Fast and Furious” then begins. The Obama regime-run BATFE orders its agents to make certain straw mass-scale purchases semi-automatic rifles happen. Many hundreds of “walked” semi-automatic rifles and two dead federal agents later, the libtard media/Obama regime folks then mobilize to start up a new round of their blatant anti-gun propaganda.)

    Libtard media/Obama regime: “We told you so! See? See? Look, look, look at all these hundreds upon hundreds of just awful, awful guns from American gun shops that have been recovered at violent homicide scenes in Mexico! We told you all of this was happening, and you said that you did not believe us, so here’s the proof you asked us for. It’s time for a new ‘assault weapon ban’ by golly, and let’s not forget those pesky ‘assault clips’ too, while we’re at it, since it’s just the fair thing to do for our neighbors down in Mexico, who are all so poor and suffering so much because of our awful gun freedoms here in America.”

    American gun-owning public: “Uh, sure, whatever you say there, chief. Thank God we can get the real story on what has going on here from both the internet and talk radio.”

    Libtard media/Obama regime: “We really need to reign in both that darn internet and talk radio. There’s just too much disinformation going around these days. You need us to protect you from all that stuff.”

  2. Cam Edwards? I like this guy (despite the monkey butt on his face). Has he been around long?

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