Concealed Carry Passes Committee in Illinois

It’s headed for a floor vote on Thursday. Quinn is threatening to veto:

“This is not in any way a public safety measure this bill, this is the opposite of public safety. Loaded concealed handguns in the possession of private citizens will lead to more danger and more bad things happening,” the Democratic governor said.

But Rep. Brandon Phelps, D-Harrisburg, the bill’s chief sponsor, said he is close to securing a veto-proof, 71-vote majority. He plans to call a vote Thursday in the House.

If this happens, it’ll be by skin of teeth. If you live in Illinois, put the pressure on, especially if your rep is one of those down state Democrats. It’s not unusual to lose several votes upon a veto. Pressure from constituents is going to be the only thing in that case that keeps their vote.

8 thoughts on “Concealed Carry Passes Committee in Illinois”

  1. Quinn is so off-the-mark. It must be true liberallism is a form of dementia.

    These guys keep rubbing that lamp, waiting for their genie to appear. I guess when they wear through one side of it they will start on the inside of the other side…

  2. Yes, because all the states that allow Concealed Carry just have daily shootouts, horrendous death rates, and mass murders weekly.

    I already knew and understood that these people don’t respect history, facts, or logic but it continues to amaze me. I had a liberal “friend” literally tell me “Well I don’t care if its true, I like the sentiment”.

    So, as long as it fits your world view, it doesn’t matter if its a lie or not? How can there be any discussion or compromise with loonies like that?

  3. One wonders, idly, if the Governor really believes what he said there.

    Is he really that ignorant of what’s happened everywhere else?

    Is he delusional about outcomes from some inherent bias or other?

    Is he just evil and lying?

    Those seem, broadly, to be the only three alternatives, and none of them are to his credit.

  4. This is great but as I understand it Speaker-Madagin can pretty much block anything he wants in the house, I would love for someone to explain how this gets past him.

    And what about the Senate, do we have the votes to overturn a veto in the senate?

  5. “”I cannot imagine a reason that you need to carry a concealed loaded weapon unless you’re willing to use it on another human being,” Jennifer Loudon said.”

    Whoosh! Right over her head.

  6. @ThomasF – The house and the senate will pass this thing no problem, the reason why this thing will pass by the skin of its teeth is because they need a super-majority to achieve a veto-proof bill that the Governor cannot veto.

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