Preemption Enhancement Back in Action

The new pre-emtiion enhancement bill, HB 2258, is now going before the Pennsylvania House floor, having been voted out of committee by a 21-6 vote. I’m curious to see if we can pass this with a veto-proof or near veto-proof majority. The GOP controls the House and Senate at levels in this state that have not been seen for decades, and there are still some pro-gun Democrats out there, so I’m hopeful we’ll get a good vote tally.

When this bill was briefly law before it was invalidated by the courts for violating the single-subject requirement of our state constitution, it did a lot of good. Most municipalities folded like a cheap deck of cards once challenged under it. The only holdouts were the big cities, which fought the law using the single-subject argument.

Follow this link to go to NRA’s handy app that will help you write your rep. Let’s get this done.

4 thoughts on “Preemption Enhancement Back in Action”

  1. Done. Kortz is A+ ranked and he supported this originally, so I’m confident he’ll go to bat for us again on this. A good example of a pro-gun Dem.

  2. The first time around, preemption passed with the following veto-proof majorities:

    Senate: 34 yea, 14 nay, 2 not voting (34 yeas needed to override veto)

    House: 141 yea, 54 nay, 7 not voting (135 yeas needed to override veto)

    That was two years ago. So, it is possible to get preemption back on the books despite a hostile governor, but we will need every possible vote in favor, particularly in the Senate.

  3. Awesome! Glad our legislature isn’t being so lazy for once!!

  4. Let’s hope it stays veto-proof; we need this bill enacted to stick it to the big city dems who think they own their little fiefdoms.

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