Campus Carry Goes Down In Tennessee

Thanks to Instapundit for reporting on the fate of the bill. I can promise you our opponents will be rising in jubilation over killing it in Arizona, Texas, and now Tennessee this year, but they should find as little comfort in beating us back as the Japanese Army did at driving MacArthur out of the Philippines. We shall return… next year.

Who would have imagined that, following Virginia Tech, the other side would get virtually nothing and our side would give birth to a campus carry movement? But they can’t. They are so busy fighting our rear guard actions, they are very close to losing on the carry issue in Illinois. Think about that. The best the other side can hope for, the most they can celebrate, is that for one more year, they’ve stopped us from opening up carry in universities and colleges.

6 thoughts on “Campus Carry Goes Down In Tennessee”

  1. I’m sure the International Criminals Union is gearing up for more massacres at colleges to further their agenda.

  2. I haven’t heard anything about Texas yet – just stalled right now.

  3. they aren’t beating us back, they are just slowing our advance.

    They are making NO progress at all in passing more restrictions.

    So if you want to make a war reference, this is a siege. And if you read much history at all you’ll quickly find out what happens when a larger group lays siege to a smaller group hunkered down in a fortification.

  4. I don’t know the details of the bills in these other states, but here in Idaho, there were some deficiencies in how the bill was drafted–and the people involved did not want my help in making a passable bill. But what would I know? I just teach at a public college.

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