Is 4/20 the new 4/1?

I’ve had this link open in the background of my browser for a while now, but I just now got around to really looking at it. I serious wonder if lefty groups have made 4/20 the new April Fool’s Day.

Published: 4/20 9:12 am
From St. James Peace and Justice Committee:

“We like the idea of guns off the streets and out of closets and harms way of children and others.” Sheriff David Harder, Broome County Sheriff’s Office.

Saturday, May 14th 10am to 1pm St. James Peace & Justice Committee will take working hand guns and long guns (shotguns and rifles). Guns do not have to be registered – all working guns accepted. Live ammunition will also be accepted for safe disposal.
Drop off point is St James rectory parking lot, 147 Main St. Johnson City, NY (west of JC/Binghamton Arch)

As a token exchange, each gun donator will receive a flower basket. Guns will be crushed by the Sheriff’s department as we have witnessed in the past.

If you have a gun you want destroyed but cannot get it to St James, call us and we can have it picked up.
Call Jack at (607) 321 8537

This seems to be a press release of some kind – one that ignores basic rules like commas and apostrophes. It also seems to be opposed to things like structure, periods, and correct capitalization. And I love the mention of what “donators” will receive in exchange for their guns – flowers. I ponder whether it was sent as a joke because there’s little reason for sending an advisory or release nearly a month before an event, and the specific date does have a special meaning.

8 Responses to “Is 4/20 the new 4/1?”

  1. joated says:

    So. Are they planning on firing off a round to determine if the gun is in working order?

  2. Matthew Carberry says:

    Too bad it’s in NY.

    Most state buybacks require an actual cash outlay on the pro-gun side. This one would just require upgrading to a nice fruit basket or box of chocolates.

  3. Motor-T says:

    I often wonder why these well meaning sheriffs don’t crush their own guns first.

  4. Ticom says:

    Broome County has gone downhill quite a bit if they let this jackass get elected sheriff. Western NY state, with the exception of such cesspools as Rochester and Buffalo, typically was pretty gun friendly.

    Some FFL should put an advert in the local paper offering $25 for any working firearm.

  5. Gun Holsters says:

    Now that will be a boon for the goons! With everyone surrendering their guns, the goons will have a field day.

  6. alcade says:

    Thanks for the info, I was just thinking to myself “What can I get for the thousands of dollars I’ve invested in quality and antique guns?”

    A flower basket – perfect! Now I won’t have to go outside for the next week and pick any out of my yard.

  7. Kathy says:

    well, in theory we shouldn’t have to ask what they’re smoking….

  8. Sigivald says:

    Working only?

    They gonna test ’em? How?