You May Notice an Ad

It’s long been my policy not to take ads for commercial purposes, but I have occasionally advertised for not-for-profit causes I support at no cost, and such is the case here.

Every year the fine folks in NRA’s Office of General Counsel and the Firearms Law Seminar Task Force, put on the National Firearms Law Seminar. I was fortunate to be able to attend last year’s seminar, and I highly recommend it to anyone deeply interested in firearms law, or to anyone who’s a Lawyer who are looking for CLE credits. Where else can you go hear Dave Hardy talk about Carthaginian War Elephants, after all?

If you plan on going to Annual Meeting this year in Pittsburgh, and if you’re really interested in Second Amendment law, the seminar draws the top experts in the field. I would recommend it.

UPDATE: I was informed that law students get in for free this year, and you can do registrations in sections, like if you wanted to hear Prof. Glenn Reynolds speak, you can just buy tickets for the lunch where he’s speaking. See here for details.