Return Fire

Scott Bach has composed a very well written response to Bryan Miller’s earlier post attacking him, which seems to have been toned down from the original version.

Bryan should be aware that you lose credibility in the blogosphere if you alter posts because you regretted something you said. Editing for grammar or style is fine, but making statements go down the memory hole is something you don’t do; you man up to it and say as much in another post, or in an update. I’m about to do that later today, in fact.

One Response to “Return Fire”

  1. Noops says:

    “Miller dedicated an entire blog post to attacking my integrity,* revealing a typical distraction technique of gun ban extremists when confronted with a principle of truth that exposes the absurdity of their agenda: attack the messenger.”

    Sound like anyone else we know? Maybe someone who loves to call everyone gunloons?