What Has Bryan Cryin: NRA U Comes to New Jersey

From what I’ve heard, NRA’s outreach program to college students, to get them involved in the shooting sports and rights protection has been a pretty wild success. Some aren’t pleased to see it coming to New Jersey:

“Their goal is to encourage gun sales any way they can,” Ceasefire NJ project director Bryan Miller said. “This is a recruitment drive for the NRA and a sales program for the gun companies.”

No, Bryan, that’s not our goal at all. We’re here to tell you that your nightmare is true. We will hammer gun control on the relentless anvil of legislative strategy! We are going to beat gun control into submission!

This also is not about handing guns out to students. No one is seriously suggesting that, though from the hysterics of our opponents, you’d never know it. The goal is to make college campuses just like any other public place, people who have state permits are permitted if they so choose, to carry. This is about choice. College students are adults legally, and some small percentage of them are over 21 and have state-issued licenses to carry. Our opponents want to treat these adults like drunken, irresponsible children, and granted, some of them are. But so are some 30 year olds I’ve met. Because some people are irresponsible is not a reason to deny all people the right to bear arms and the right to self-protection.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence noted yesterday that “When there is an alcohol-related tragedy on campus, you don’t hand out 12-packs.” Well, we don’t ban 12 packs, or prohibit drinking either. Despite the fact that alcohol consumption in college has high social costs, we reject the idea of blanket policy and punishment because of the irresponsibility of a few. Alcohol also has no potential to save your life. We can understand there are risk/reward tradeoffs with alcohol, and generally allow college kids of legal age to drink. Our opponents somehow fail to process the same equation when it comes to self-protection and firearms.

5 thoughts on “What Has Bryan Cryin: NRA U Comes to New Jersey”

  1. “Attendees were offered a year’s free membership in the NRA.”

    “Miller said the NRA has been on a campaign over the last year to soften New Jersey’s tough anti-gun laws, and is pushing for changes to state laws that would allow students to carry weapons on campus. “We obviously deplore this latest NRA tactic, but are pleased that so few students attended,” Miller said of Tuesday’s event.”

    “Tuesday’s event drew the biggest crowd the RUCR has seen at its activities this year,”

    Interesting quotes to me. Fair reporting.

  2. Commies that they and their stooges are, they are always trying to tie it to capitalism.

  3. To take a page out of someone else’s playbook:
    As long as it can help teach trigger and muzzle discipline to even One Child, it’s worth it.

  4. I am a 34 year old Army Veteran and Masters candidate. Despite 15 years as a professional at arms and 4 years as a concealed carry permit holder, I am clearly incapable of carrying on campus without, somehow, pounding a 12er of brewskis and shooting up the place.

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