Quote of the Day

From Gray Peterson:

So Zimmerman’s fiance says ten rounds is enough. Has this woman ever confronted 5 or 6 dedicated people wantin’ to “beat up a fag?” I have.

Tough question that deserves an answer. You can bet he won’t get one.

8 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. Other Steve says:

    I wonder, was Zimmerman killed with one of the first 10 rounds out of the gun?

    We should do everything that grieving people agree with, it’s almost always a good idea. Sorry for her loss, but how does knowing someone who is killed make you an expert on policy and practices?

  2. Gray Peterson says:

    Thanks for the hat tip.

  3. Chas says:

    The gun ban dirtbags only want a limit in lieu of outright prohibition. If they get one limit, they’ll be back for another, more restrictive limit. If they get that, they’ll be back for outright prohibition.
    I say they get nothing, because they should sit down, shut up, and stop trying to use government as a tool to rape the rights of others.

  4. Craig Miller says:

    Its funny how these rights stealing Pollyanna leftards want dialogue on these issues, then disable comments and ratings on the issue.

  5. JimB says:

    The big problem with McCarthy and Lautenbergs proposal is it will create a new class of fellon thereby enlarging the pool of prohibited persons. Pretty soon no one can own a firearm. Better idea is to ban Lautenberg and McCarthy two people who like to spend your money and control you from birth to death.

  6. illinois voter says:

    After the first 15 seconds I notice the comments are shut off . SOP for the Brady bunch.

  7. Scott says:

    Perhaps the gun banners should also ban vehicles that seat more than two. Apparently the high-capacity vehicles can be used to kill innocent children by a (licensed) family driver.

    Perhaps that was in bad taste, but face it… no one will advocate banning vehicles because they kill more people than guns.

  8. BrokenTrace says:

    @Other Steve, The Brady Bunch attempts to invoke strong emotion in people, by having someone effected by a gun crime. Its their SOP.