Suppressors Legal in Washington State

Good news. Given this has passed in a few other states, I think we may be able to officially declare this a movement. Of course, not that many states restrict suppressors. I now have hope that maybe we can get them unregulated federally. I can tell you that this would be a huge boon for suburban outdoor ranges which have noise problems.

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  1. I have known since I was a little guy, and started reading books on my own, all about Hiram Percy Maxim, the original inventor of the silencer, or suppressor, or whatever people prefer to call them now. This is how I have known for years that when Hiram Percy Maxim first designed his Maxim silencer sometime around 1906, it was simply for the purposes of making firearms more of a pleasure to shoot, and nothing more than this.

    Why it has taken 100+ years for this simple truth about Maxim’s invention to sink in with some people in these United States is what I will never quite understand. Lumping silencers in with machine guns, short-barrel shotguns, short-barrel rifles, and the “Any other weapon” category, when the NFA of 1934 was being drafted, was nothing short of being totally ignorant or asinine, depending on how you want to look at it.

  2. Btw, this was a suppressor use ban repeal. Suppressors were always legal. It was using them that was illegal, and it was illegal even for government and law enforcement to use them. Previous attempts to repeal it only for them have failed due to strenuous opposition from pro-gun forces. They finally relented after A) post-McDonald environmental issues and B) a certain state rep who was a member of both the liberal/progressive and LGBT caucuses started twisting arms to get a near universal approval right. It was unanimously passed by the Senate and it was 92-4 in the house.

  3. When all 50 states allow something, one will hope the Feds won’t be far behind.

  4. And by “allow” I mean no longer irrationally restrict the free exercise of.

  5. Maxim also invented the silencer/suppressor to make autos more quiet.

    Same technology, and one is mandated by law, and a federal felony by another law.

  6. Way to go, Washington!

    Does anyone know how the Bradities greeted this news? Has Rob Allen hoisted the Sad Panda?

    Move suppressors to Title I with federal preemption. (Yeah, I’ve been saying this for 20 years but saying it once more can’t hurt).

  7. I’m not sure the Brady bunch noticed. No one opposed the bill, not even CeaseFireWA (and they were definitely aware of it).

    This was an entirely grassroots effort, largely the result of one man’s hard work and organizing.

  8. Happy to say I was one of those who helped convince the liberal/progressive head of the Judiciary Committee to get behind this bill.

    I think a number of things helped this bill get through.

    1) We focused on noise pollution and hearing damage as the prime drivers.

    2) Suppressors were already legal to possess, but not for anyone (even LEO) to use, which is just silly.

    3) WA Council of Police and Sheriffs spoke in support

    4) Ceasefire WA was neutral

    We are having a celebratory suppressed shoot on July 23!

  9. Can some one point me to a link online, or a document that gives formal notice or news that covers the passage?
    Thanks in advance.

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