Corruption in Eastern Pennsylvania

We should absolutely not tolerate crap like this.  Kudos to the New York Times (you won’t hear me say that too often) for investigating this crap.  Let’s just hope the Obama Administration doesn’t ratchet down prosecution of corrupt officials.

3 Responses to “Corruption in Eastern Pennsylvania”

  1. penitentman says:

    As several comments on the other blog mentioned, this could be eligible for far stiffer prosecution than simple bribery, extortion or corruption.
    Couldn’t this- NO- SHOULDN’T this be prosecuted as hundreds of cases of child abuse?
    Just sayin…
    They aren’t even from my part of the state (thank god) but they make me sick. They should be prosecuted under child abuse laws and under the RICO act. They should have ALL their personal property seized and confiscated. They should spend the rest of their lives (at least) in prison.
    Who decided to cut a deal with them anyway? Throw them in with these corrupt judges.
    If these scumbags ever would get out they need to be made to register under Megan’s Law. But let’s hope that one way or another, they never make it out.

  2. Crucis says:

    Shoot! And I thought you were going to talk about Arlen Spector.

  3. countertop says:

    I think this is one of those times everyone needs to encourage Gen Pop to do its job.