Delaware Gun Control Proceeding

Some of Markell’s bills are getting a hearing in the Delaware House Judiciary Committee today. HB 46 is one bill, which allows the state to dispose of firearms it’s accumulating from people who had restraining orders and have not claimed them after the order expired. It only allows disposal 60 days after the owner was notified he needed to claim them. I don’t see any reason the state should be forced to hold on to someone’s property indefinitely, so I don’t think this is unreasonable. The bill does not seem to call for destruction, so presumably the state could sell them. HB 48 merely implements the federal requirements for reporting mental health adjudications to NICS, including the relief from disabilities requirements for people that have undergone successful treatment post-adjudication.

Not all of Markell’s agenda is innocuous, so keep an close eye out if you live in Delaware.

2 thoughts on “Delaware Gun Control Proceeding”

  1. I’m not sure how I feel about HB46 yet. Like Jeff said, I think it’ll make it easy for the State to say “oops, we already disposed of that.”

    I fully support HB48 since it’ll get rid of our State level background checks. That’s one less layer of burecracy and one less form I have to fill out. Not to mention it should save the state money.

    Closing the “gun show loophole” is just ridlculous given that we have what, 1 or 2 shows per year in the entire state.

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