Under Attack Again in Delaware

The Democrats in Delaware are looking to come at us again, this time at preemption. For a state that’s solid blue, and controlled by Dems, the First State got off rather light post-Newtown, which I’m sure is very unacceptable to some, especially Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden. Nothing like trying to make up for daddy’s federal embarrassment on the backs of Delaware gun owners.

It’s really not good news. The proposed House Bill would repeal preemption only for Wilmington. The Senate bill would repeal preemption in Delaware entirely. I think it’s very important to follow the link and get involved if you live there.

3 thoughts on “Under Attack Again in Delaware”

  1. Delaware actually recognizes my Alaska CHP. That gap in the wall of “no carry” between my relatives in VA and PA always tickled me. Delaware being a bit of a thumb in the eye of its neighbors.

    Be a shame to lose any of that.

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