Ballistics Database Fail

Jacob reports the numbers. New York State has collected approximately 312,000 shell casings, spent 40 million dollars, and solved no crimes. NYSRPA press release on it is here:

NYSRPA calls upon Governor Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and state legislative leaders to publicly recognize these boondoggles for what they are, defund the CoBIS program and stand up to the fringe special interests advocating microstamping.

I wouldn’t put any money on that happening any time soon. The standard government answer to something that doesn’t work and wastes lots of money is that it was not properly funded or managed, so the solution is to spend even more money on the failure.

One thought on “Ballistics Database Fail”

  1. Wow, that is $128.20 per shell casing, or looking at it strictly as a cost of ammo that’s 12.8 boxes of 9mm ammo at $9.99 per box when Dick’s has it on sale. Taking it to it’s final conclusion the State of New York could by 640 rounds of new shells for the cost of one shell casing or a total of 199,680,000 rounds of ammuntion for all 312,000 shell casing collected.

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