Stop Microstamping in New York

NYSRPA are asking people to contact legislators to try to keep the microstamping bill off the floor of the Senate.  As Jacob mentions, it’s worse than California’s, requiring the stamp to be in two places on the extracted casing.  Because of the difficulty of this, it will essentially ban handguns in New York State after January 1, 2011.

5 thoughts on “Stop Microstamping in New York”

  1. The only ones who can effectively oppose this are the manufacturers, by announcing they will sell no more handguns to any police agency in the state if the bill passes.

  2. H&K thinks you suck and hates you – they’ll be perfectly happy to sell to the LEOs all the pistols that Glock, S&W &c don’t sell. Ronnie Barret can get away with grandstanding – the handgun manufacturers can’t.

  3. They want to require stamping the case in two places now? How exactly does that’s stop the the person shooting the firearm from picking up the case and taking it with them?

    Oh yeah I almost forgot, logic and anti-gunners don’t like each other.

  4. Oh really? Snort.

    OTOH, NRA is saying 2 state senators are now caucusing with the republicans; putting the GOP in control of the senate (Bronx and Queens, incidentally)

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