Philly Mayor and Police Chief Back Magazine Ban

Not really shocking. Neither of these two have ever met a gun control bill they didn’t like:

Ramsey, also president of the Major Cities Chiefs Association, said there’s “simply no legitimate reason not to have this ban in place.”

So are you going to take them away from your officers then Commissioner? I say lead by example. If there’s no legitimate reason to have one, your cops don’t need them either.

3 thoughts on “Philly Mayor and Police Chief Back Magazine Ban”

  1. Did the mayor ever meet a gun ban he didn’t like? It’s Pavlovian to be so predictable.

    1. Both of them signed on to a brief in McDonald that requested the right be “minimized.” I guess bans fall into that category of minimum rights.

  2. This is just another reason why I will no longer run any races in Philly nor will I spend a dime in that city.

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