Standing Up for Gun Rights

On April 10, I posted about several members of the Pennsylvania delegation who weren’t supporting a gun rights bill in Congress, contrary to the fact that it’s on NRA’s agenda. Four of those members had the NRA-PVF endorsement, and two more of them wanted it against pro-gun incumbents (and will presumably want it again).

Fantastic reader Adam Z. shot me an email about some things and noted that Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick was listed as a sponsor even though I had posted that he was not one. Huh? That’s something I totally would have noticed. How the hell did I miss that? So it’s off to Thomas for me to look into the problem.


Following the post, Rep. Fitzpatrick, along with Reps. Lou Barletta & Tom Marino, signed on as sponsors.

No, I’m not trying to claim actual credit for these new sponsors. We know that NRA sent out alerts to their members asking them to get board with recruiting new sponsors. On our front, we blogged about the people who weren’t sponsoring it on here, and we covered it on PAGunRights. The tweet from @PAGunRights targeting those who had not yet sponsored was retweeted a half dozen times or so. We also know that the exact SIH post was viewed by House of Representative servers 18 times between the post date & when the last of those three became a sponsor. (For PAGunRights, which did not highlight those who had not signed on, it was a handful of hits as well.)

While NRA’s emails can create a much larger firestorm for any Congressional office, it is good to look at these numbers and know that Congressional staff know we’re watching closely, and we’re going to talk about those who let us down and praise those who help us.

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