German Police Funtime

I’ve never really felt a desire to be a German cop until now:

I had no current plans to go back and visit Germany any time soon, but if they added a tour where I could beat up rock throwing hippies, I’d be all for it. Notice the rock falling from his hands.

We don’t condone police brutality here at Snowflakes in Hell, but you have to admit, there just something about this crowd of freaks that makes you want to strap on riot gear and start swinging!

Photos from the BBC.  Article here.

8 thoughts on “German Police Funtime”

  1. That’s not a hippie, that’s an anarchist. In my view, it is perfectly okay to beat on anarchists. They tend to be violent and not recognize the rights of others.

    I believe that most zombie movies could have the monsters replaced with anarchists and they would still be the same. Same with Lord of the Rings and orcs.

  2. “Damn, that one with the stick looks like he’s trying to bugger that guy…”

    He’s got one of those riot batons with the handle at right angles to the main baton, and I think has either given him a shot in the kidneys or is preparing to do so. If he did give him the shot it’d explan why the guy is going down.

  3. “Think of a criminal or an anarchist like you would a pinata, except instead of candy; he’s full of truth. The truth only comes out when you whack them enough.”

    -A cop

  4. Gee guys, add copious quantities of beer (this IS Germany, right?) and that 2nd pic would look a lot like Mardi Gras, or some weird German ‘Dio de Muertes’ (“Morten Tag”? Nicht Deutsche!)
    I’ve heard that the German Polezei are NOT to be trifled with, though, and that seems to be borne out here.

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