They Have Some Nerve

Via Clayton Cramer, the Las Vegas Sun has some latest news from the Righthaven nonsense:

“Defendants have elected to needlessly increase the burden on this court and its staff and to increase the litigation costs incurred by the parties by escalating the litigiousness of the action. Righthaven contends that this is precisely defendants’ desired effect in this case — to drive up their attorneys’ fees and costs in an attempt to burden Righthaven with an astronomical fee award,” Righthaven said in a filing.

I have the world’s smallest violin here playing for these guys. It’s so small I don’t think Jason’s 3D printer could print it. Sucks when the table is turned, doesn’t it, Mr. Steven Gibson? I hope the Democratic Underground and the Electronic Frontier Foundation make Righthaven their bitch. This shakedown racket Righthaven has going should not be a viable business model.

One thought on “They Have Some Nerve”

  1. Maybe they can make it up with the rights to the two porn movies that they own. Probably a lot more copyright violation with porn than with blogs.

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