5 thoughts on “Gun Owners Stereotypes”

  1. I have to disagree with this:

    “[Republicans] stand foursquare for the right to own as many damn guns as can be held in your house and the giant bunker you’ve dug out underneath it. They interpret the second ammendment to mean they have the right to buy them instantly, and the right to use them any damned way they wish, including shooting targets made to look like your opponent.”

    I wish. Ironically, the Republican in the picture, Dick Cheney, is evidence of this: as is the GOP custom, a high-profile shooting caused him to panic and abandon his 2A support. They are indeed the Stupid Party.

    Also, because the Dems are not the Stupid Party, they are not as openly pro-gun control as the article says (although if the polls turn, they will be back pushing confiscation with a vengeance).

    However, Dems are not, as the article says, mirroring their supporters when they support gun control; as a matter of fact, the polls since 2000 have shown much stronger support for 2A in GOP areas than they have shown support for gun control in Dem areas. Gun control supporters do not square evenly with the Democrat Party; rather, they form a far left fringe of that party.

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