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  1. Since there is an interim thingy going on with the head dude is hawaii and all, I figured this would be the fastest way to get the information over.

    Unrelated to the cracked post obviously, sorry,


    short story. US citizen charged and convicted for selling a firearm to an illegal alien, who had a Texas drivers license.

    The illegal alien of course has not been charged, dpeorted, looked at or anything.

  2. My wife is watcing “Big Brother” right now because one of her former middle-school students is on the show.

    Even though the setup is the same, with no TV, news, books or music as it was with Top Shot, the behaviour is COMPLETELY different on Big Brother than it was on Top Shot.

    That says a lot for the firearms community.

  3. I don’t have quite as much faith, Kevin. :) The biggest reason is because Top Shot really wasn’t widely known to folks. I think you’ll see much more attention-getting behavior as more people decide to try and get on tv. Their recruiters made clear in their ask that you did not need to be a top shooter.

    That said, I still think it will be a huge improvement over most reality shows. We are overall better behaving folks, but I would still expect more drama.

  4. I still want to see a show where they ride enduro bikes through the mountains on narrow trails, and then shoot rifles at distant targets and pistols at close ones – and have to change a tire.

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