Rep. King’s Australian Counterpart

An Aussie politician is urging a gun ban:

Greens leader Bob Brown is calling for a ban on semi-automatic handguns after revealing he is receiving death threats for his pivotal role in the Government’s carbon tax policy.

We have to ban them. He is receiving threats after all, and he’s an important fellow, you see. It’s also well known it’s impossible to shoot a public official with a revolver.

6 thoughts on “Rep. King’s Australian Counterpart”

  1. How egotistical are you when you equate a threat and reply with a total ban?

    WOW!!! Cowards keep raising their hand today!!

  2. What an ass.

    There were massive floods 30 years ago in Australia. Afterwards they started building a network of dams to avert a repeat of that disaster. Along come the Greens who claim that with global warming there will never floods again and the dams are bad for the environment – so no more dams.

    Then, after massive flooding, they blame it on … “CLIMATE CHANGE!” And the solution – a carbon tax! (and it won’t be spent on dams)

    I’m not surpised people want to shoot him although hanging seem more appopriate.

  3. I have been saying for years:

    If (heaven forfend) anyone was to assassinate an Australian politician, they need to do it with an assault coffee table.

    That is the only way we would avoid additional, draconian restrictions on all the people that didn’t do it.

  4. Let’s start with the easy law, we’ll make it illegal to murder someone. Wait, what? You’ve done that and they’re not listening? Then go back and enforce that one and hang some killers. But realize that even that won’t deter someone who’s really upset. If you’re that afraid, hire big security guards.

    It’s already really tough to get semi-auto there, legally. You have to shoot 5 or 6 official matches, and about that many practice sessions, all documented, with receipts from the range and sign off from the gun club president, background check, etc just to get a license to buy a semi-auto handgun (10 round max). Then you have to do the same thing and document every year just to keep your license. Yet at Christmas 2010, 94 folks shot a USPSA match in the Melbourne area. Those folks aren’t the crazies.

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