Someone Forgot the First Rule?

What’s the first rule of pigeon shooting club?   Don’t talk about pigeon shooting club:

Police said the citation stems from an alleged pigeon shoot on March 14. The National Women’s Humane Society said it alerted officials after receiving a tip that the club had quietly resumed pigeon shoots sometime last year.

Club attorney John VanLuvanee said the organization “has every right to do what they are doing” and he hopes the township will withdraw the citations.

I’m wondering where HSUS’s tip came from.  Either way, I am not in favor of the law banning pigeon shooting, as I’ve talked about here and here, and we’ve also highlighted a ban’s effect on dog training.  That said, it’s not the best public image for gun clubs in this area, and while I would be the last to join with the animal rights folks in calling for a ban, it’s not really the best kind of shooting event for an urban/suburban club to be hosting.

One thought on “Someone Forgot the First Rule?”

  1. Pigeon shooting is “barbaric” to a lot of people ,even shooters as Jeff Soyer demonstrated. Shooter have beenacculturated to shooting targets, but hunters have been acculturated to one shot kills and the supposed “sport” in tracking. Personall having seen hun ter is the trr stands it seems to me more like shooting fish in a barrel or an arranged hunt with a caged animal. No sport at all.

    The ground hog or prairie dog shoot on youtube certainly do not show live target shooting in a good light. People enjoy the sheer destruction of life.

    The simple fact is that man is a killer and we try to dress it up as noble etc. Sometimes that killer instinct get loose and havoc is a result or channeled and our fine military is a result.
    I support hunting though I love wild life. Hunting sports encourage the preservation of game and rural land and discourage development. I like country activities and so I support hunters in all their sports, encluding pigeon. As a skeet shooter I can see that pigeon shooting would be a lot more exciting and if invited I would do it. I have no devotion to pigeons.

    As a rugged individualist I would like more kids to hunt so that those skills are preserved.

    Just like I accept the risk of murderous rages like the case of the nursing home rampage in order to preserve the freedom of gun rights and carry rights.

    The simple fact is that I can not prevent a person from deciding to murder and I accept the risk that they have access to weapons and can cause great harm.

    I believe the harm over all is small compared to the harm of loss of freedom. Just like I accept that a fall from a bike on the head can seriously injure the rider. But I acccept that risk and do not support helmet or seat belt laws. I prefer that people take their own risks and decide what they want to do on their own to limit the risk.

    So hunters have been willing to throw shooters under the bus with their anti black guns animus. No surprise that they would throw pigeon shooters also. Hunters are very narrow minded in they often support on their sport o rtheir way of shooting.

    Shooters and gun rigts fighters do not have to follow that path. So support the right to pigeon shoots and I am glad that Pa has not made them illegal.

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