More Hydrogen Powered Fantasies

Instapundit is skeptical of another hydrogen powered technology with the potential to not help much with our energy problems.

This one looks pretty identical to the magnesium based process that was talked about last month, and it suffers from the same problem. Aluminum is expensive, and it takes a LOT of energy to produce aluminum from bauxite ore, particularly electrical energy, which in this country, is produced mainly by burning coal.

The main problem with hydrogen is that it’s not an energy source. It’s a way of storing energy. To make hydrogen, you still need a source of energy that’s coming from some other source. In addition, it would be difficult to pack enough hydrogen into a small enough space to be a practical motor fuel, and it would be completely impractical to power larger vehicles like airplanes.

I can see this company is also big on the hype as well:

For Woodall, the biggest speed bump lies elsewhere. “The egos of program managers at DOE are holding up the revolution,” he told

No, I’m pretty sure the laws of physics and principles of economics are what’s holding up the hydrogen revolution.