Preemption in Iowa

Apparently there’s been a trend of cities bucking preemption:

Unfortunately, upon the passage of Iowa’s new “Shall-Issue” Right-to-Carry law, some local governments began creating a patchwork of illegal gun bans across Iowa.  Most recently, claiming safety issues, Iowa Citypassed a resolution restricting all law-abiding Iowans from carrying in or on all city-owned property including city parks, buses, and even farmer’s markets.

NRA is pushing a bill to fix this problem, HSB 19. Everyone is Pennsylvania should take a look at this bill, because it’s among the strongest preemption statutes I’ve seen. This might be something we need to look at here.

3 thoughts on “Preemption in Iowa”

  1. I read this language and it is quite strong. I took the liberty of sending an e-mail to 3 PA Reps that I have e-mailed before regarding PA Firearms laws (and some of them have actually personally answered me), copied the link and asked them to consider it as a strengthing of PA’s Preemption laws.

    We’ll see what the response or action will be…or won’t be…

  2. Kansas went through this when CC passed here, and locl gov’ts didn’t like it. The legislature ultimately had to slap down local gov’t’s, and tell them that when we say preemption, we MEAN preemption.

    Looks like Iowa’s going down the same road. And it’s clear from your writing, Bitter, that Philadelphia routinely ignores state law when it comes to firearms.

    Of course, if gun owners ignored and flouted the law like this, we’d be flayed. But when local petty officials do it, well, it’s “for the children.”


  3. “A court shall award the prevailing plaintiff in any such suit all of the following: (1) Reasonable attorney fees. (2) Liquidated damages equal to the amount of three times the attorney fees awarded in subparagraph (1). (3) Litigation costs. (4) Interest on the amounts awarded pursuant to this subsection shall accrue at fifteen percent from the date suit is filed. b. Payment of such fees, damages, costs, and interest may be secured by seizure of any vehicles used or operated for the benefit of any elected office holder in the political subdivision if not paid within seventy-two hours of the court’s order”


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