State College Bucking Preemption

They want to ban guns in parks, or rather continue to ban guns in parks. They are weaseling around the preemption language by dishonestly arguing that application of such ban is not a law “inconsistent with the laws of this commonwealth,” quoting from our preemption statute, and is therefore not preempted.

It approved sending a resolution to the Central District meeting of the Pennsylvania League of Cities and Municipalities later this month, requesting it support legislation prohibiting firearms in municipal parks and buildings, treating them like courtrooms and schools under state law.

Got that? Because the state bans guns in courthouses and schools, it’s consistent for towns to then ban guns in their own buildings. Additionally, because hunting regulations don’t allow discharge in certain zones in parks, banning all firearms period in any municipal park is consistent with state law.

This is delusional legal thinking. This issue needs to be pressed. Let them enforce it, and then sue them. This is well established in this Commonwealth that only the state legislature may regulate guns.

4 thoughts on “State College Bucking Preemption”

  1. I was up in State College this past Saturday for the Central Pennsylvania Chapter meeting of Firearms Owners Against Crime (

    I openly carried my Sig Sauer P226 BWT from the time I left my home in Northampton County in the morningt until I got home that night without incident.

    Including stops at a rest stop on I-80, Perkin’s restaurant in State College (where the meeting was held), Sheetz in State College, Sheetz in Mill Hall, Tiadaghton Sportsmens Assocation in Tiadaghton State Forest, Quaker Steak & Lube in Bloomsburg (where I ate dinner at the bar) and Wawa in Nazareth.

    I guess next time I will need to visit a park in State College.

  2. We beat these idiots mostly on Lost and Stolen anywhere we showed up. People just need to get to their meeting and hammer home their distaste of them bending the law!

  3. In New Hanover County Noth Carolina, the County seems to put County parks on school property-thus preventuing guns in parks in a most devious way… Veteran’s Park is but one example…

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