Wyoming Proceeding Toward Permitless Carry

The Wyoming House, on a preliminary vote of 48-8, passed Constitutional Carry. It seems it still has to go through two more reading, and I’m guessing a final vote, before going on to the Governor. From what it sounds like, the Governor might be a bit weak kneed. But if he signs, this will be the fourth state.

UPDATE: Just waiting for a signature.

17 thoughts on “Wyoming Proceeding Toward Permitless Carry”

  1. It’s already passed out and is on Mead’s desk. I think he will sign it.

  2. Where did this “Constitutional Carry” thing come from? I say we go back to “Alaska Carry” because our state pioneered it! Not that I’m biased or anything.

  3. So what are the odds he will sign it, veto it, or just let it pass without signature?

    I suspect a veto. But then again I am rather pessimistic about these things. I thought brewer wasn’t even gonna touch the Arizona one even with her very pro-gun record.

  4. They odds? Who can know but him?

    NRA said “when signed into law, Wyoming will become …” Does that mean they know what he will do, or that they are being presumptive.

    One article I read said he is “a strong supporter of gun rights, but will wait to see the bill before deciding whether to sign it.” That and other things lead me to think he’s just being professional about the matter … but that he will sign it.

    Maybe I am just optimistic about these kinds of things …

  5. Constitutional Carry is a name that is hard to argue against. We could respond to the opponents … you are for the Constitution, aren’t you?

    Alaska Carry would become Palin Carry in the snarky press and then we’d be toast.

  6. By my count, constitutional carry bills are pending in the following states: CO, WY, MT, NH, KY, SC, ID and UT.

  7. Chicago’s Joyce Foundation is awarding grants to the Brady Campaign, VPC, and LCAV, for the purpose of installing on-site underwear laundering facilities.

  8. Gee, where’s our PA he-ro Rep. Daryl Metcalfe on this issue? I mean he has so much energy to be at the head of the pack on issues like gays and illegal immigrants, you surely would expect him to have introduced Constitutional Carry before now.

    A prediction: If CC legislation ever comes to PA, watch which of our supposed RKBA champions do NOT put a lot of energy behind it. If you pay attention you may learn something.

  9. It appears the results all have been taken down from GOA’s website, but for years GOA would send candidate questionnaires to candidates for state legislatures that included an explicit question regarding Constitutional Carry. In Pennsylvania, typically more than forty incumbent legislators — including Daryl Metcalfe — would say they supported it. That would make a significant number of cosponsors for any legislation, but mysteriously there has never been any action on it.

    If there is any action on Constitutional Carry in Pennsylvania, suburban legislators of both parties will be a problem, but we have to make the first step. The thing to watch for though is the number of RKBA “friends” who will subvert it in subtle ways that we may never know. Many of our “law and order” friends adamantly oppose it, at the same time they will answer questionnaires saying they’re all for it.

    All they need to do to prove me wrong is get behind it and vote for it.

  10. BTW, permit-less carry in Arizona is fairly new and guess what? No “blood in the streets”. Hmm. Whoda guessed? You go Wyoming!

  11. Sorry Chris fro AK, Vermont did since they never required a permit to begin with. Being a Wyomingite, the only down side is that Wyoming is the only state that requires a CCW for a sword cane and sling shot. Seriously. The law was passed in the 1880s. We will lose a little bit of gee wiz.

  12. Matt should sign it. He owns several AR-15 style rifles and a Barrett .50 caliber rifle and is an avid hunter and target shooter.

  13. Gary,

    “Vermont Carry” is permitless carry but without a permit option for reciprocity. “Alaska Carry” is arguably “better” since such a permit system for Alaskans remains.

    Vermonters actually suffer a bit from their Court’s early defense of the RKBA since I don’t think they could add a permit option without needing an Amendment. Vermonters will need to get a Florida or Utah permit to take advantage of the proposed National Reciprocity bill if it passes.

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