Wayne Speech at CPAC

I figured I’d put this up here because it seems to be the one event where Wayne LaPierre speaks that just drives our opponents to stark raving lunacy:

2 Responses to “Wayne Speech at CPAC”

  1. kenno271 says:

    I note that Colin the Coward is implying, falsely as always, that Mubarak was behind the assassination of Sadat, when in fact he succeeded as his VP. Actually, the Muslim Brotherhood, which is supported by the gun control freaks, had been urging Sadat’s assassination.

    Note the evil hint: that all gun owners want to assassinate the president and set up a dictatorship.

  2. MicroBalrog says:

    Why is the killing of Sadat sad?

    Sadat was a tyrant who ruled by military force.

    He had never been elected to any position in his life.

    Were the Muslim Brotherhood good people? No, naturally.

    But Sadat was a tyrant. It is the right of anybody who is ruled by a tyrant to shoot at him.

    Note that I am NOT advocating armed uprisings against a legitimately-constituted government. However, shooting at military dictators is not a tragedy. Shooting at military dictators is awesome.