Going After Non Criminals

Jacob notes that Nassau D.A. Kathleen Rice is going after assault weapons in her district. Not going after drug dealers with assault weapons, but rather going after dealers who sell firearms with folding stocks that are pinned not to fold, but where the pin can be easily removed. Does she really expect us to believe that she’s making New York a safer place by ridding it of the scourge of folding stocks? Is it a wise use of taxpayer dollars to put otherwise law abiding people like this in jail? Is it even just? If you think about this hard enough, you’ll start to understand why I think many people on the other side of this issue are actually horrible people.

UPDATE: SayUncle is reporting it looks like it’s politically motivated. The gun shop owner filed a civil rights suit against the city previously. I guess that’s sufficient reason for a DA to be looking for revenge.

3 thoughts on “Going After Non Criminals”

  1. Now that there is some down and nasty politics. No one can convince me this isn’t a set up. Now the jury reads this guy is alleged dirty??

    I am thinking the blogging world needs to keep circulating this, we can have impact if we keep up the educational piece.

  2. Dear Sebastian,
    While I agree this is a mis-directed effort for the D. A. ‘s office, the real problem is the statute that permits them to take these actions. I can’t really confront her for enforcing a law, even though it is picayune. I need to challenge NYC to get rid of its stupid laws, after it gets rid of its abominable mayor! To whom would write an e-mail?

  3. Ok, round one. Nassau County is NOT NYC.

    The DA Rice and Brady girl McCarthy are local agents of the

    FYI: the county has other police and enforcement issues with the Nassau county forensic lab failures.

    When that setup we have a better picture. They cant catch criminals or convict them so create a smoke screen to help
    create pre-convicted criminals.


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